The first time I heard the Kruger Brothers was at Musicfest ‘n Sugar Grove in 2006. Jens announced that they wanted to play music from The Suite. I was completely blown away. The audience erupted with applause at the end of the set!

We’ve been listening to the Kruger Brothers ever since. We have a plethora of their CDs. My wife and I have been to many Kruger Brother concerts since then at places like Musicfest ‘n Sugar Grove, Merlefest, Carolina in the Fall, Carolina Bible Camp, Broyhill Center in Lenoir, and other venues and festivals.

I am now playing Kruger Brothers music for my seven-year-old grandson. We watched videos from Appalachian Concerto this weekend and we look forward to seeing many more concerts and listening to a lot more music in the future.

-Ted Miracle