Spirit of the Rockies CD Released!


Spirit of the Rockies is a poetic, spiraling tale about ghosts, relationships and guides – both seen and unseen. It is a story about love, spiritual legacy, the sharing of beauty, and the yearning for freedom from the restrictions of the mind.

In 2011, The Kruger Brothers were commissioned to write a musical work for the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Jens saw for the first time the Canadian Rockies he had heard so much about. Jens recalls, “I was instantly transformed by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and lakes and immediately began imagining and creating music in my mind that could reflect such a landscape.” Jens and Uwe explored the history of the Banff area of the Canadian Rockies and the ancestral ghost stories of the native tribes that inhabited them. Jens and Uwe found a similarity and spiritual connection among the people in high mountains across the world having grown up listening to the folklore and ghost stories about the Swiss Alps. From this vision the theme for Spirit of the Rockies was born.

Jens wrote the piece for a small orchestral ensemble, to recreate a similar ensemble size that might have played at the Banff Springs hotel around the turn of the century. The brothers collaborated on the work, developing a storyline together, with Uwe and Jens writing the lyrics together, line-by-line. Jens would write the melody that supported each chapter. Finally, the orchestration was created, moving chapter by chapter in the process, resulting in a sixty-four minute orchestral work that includes ten songs and eleven instrumentals.

Jens believes that, “The precious value of beauty is always given from one heart to another.” That belief is what this work is about.

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