The Suite, Volume I

Copyright 2007 – Double Time Music, Inc


The Suite is the first collection to include only original material. It is a “suite” in the sense that all of the songs—some of which appear on other albums, some of which are only found here—flow seamlessly one into one another. Intimate, thoughtful, this is a collection that really highlights the ensemble work that the Kruger Brothers are justifiably famous for.


1. Wind in the Wheat
2. Choices
3. Buon Fresco
4. Theme from “Sarah”
5. In the Dome of the Forest
6. Roll Away
7. High Up in the Sky
8. Winterport
9. Shower
10. Premonitions I-IV
11. The Gentle Touch of Falling Leaves
12. Private Angel
13. Theme from “Pacific Morning”
14. I Know Some Day