Best of the Kruger Brothers

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In the liner notes to the album Forever and a Day (2010) Uwe wrote that, “When we began our career in 1975, nothing could have prepared us for the journey that lay ahead.” Now, more than 40 years after its inception, theirs is a career that has traced a remarkable arc, from a couple of rag-tag musicians busking for spare change in Munich’s Marienplatz, to an international trio playing with symphonies and in concert halls throughout North America and Europe. There are now 15 albums under the Kruger Brothers name, presenting everything from traditional clawhammer tunes to a collaboration with a classical string quartet.

This collection includes tracks from the full breadth of their recording career, some from some time ago, such as “Cork Harbor” and “Alabama Bound,” and others very recent, such as “The Lights of Our Village” and a track new to this release, “People Get Ready.” If they look disparate, this collection shows that, in fact, they really aren’t. All were guided by the same hands, by the same curiosities, and as such they all help to tell the larger story of the Kruger Brothers.


1. Watches the Clouds Roll By
2. Black Mountain Rag
3. People Get Ready
4. Carolina in the Fall
5. The Plan
6. Cork Harbor
7. The Lights in Our Village
8. Forever and a Day
9. Beautiful Nothing
10. Choices
11. The New Country
12. Winterport
13. Long Black Veil
14. Alabama Bound
15. Honey Babe Blues
16. Sweden/Running Down the Mountain