kruger-brothers-carolina-in-the-fall-album-artWhen we first recorded this song shortly after our second trip to America, we never thought this little ditty would become such an important mainstay in our live repertoire.  From the beginning, the reaction we received for this song  was just overwhelming.

Through the years, we have always felt that we could have done a better job recording it,  but we never found a good spot on any of our newer CD projects to justify the effort.

Now with our HD Audio Store, we are able to make it finally happen.  Your pleas have been heard,  and we are happy to present to you a new,  improved version of “Carolina in the Fall”,  to coincide with the re-boot of our Music Festival of the same name here in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, our hometown.  Enjoy!

– Uwe Kruger

Listen to a sample.

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