I was listening to Pandora in late summer 2011 and “Wind in the Wheat” came on and I was hooked. I was living in Washington, DC., and my banjo-loving, soon-to-be fiance was living in bush Alaska and I immediately emailed him a link to your music. We shared Kruger Brothers YouTube links back and forth and bought a couple albums and “Choices” and “Forever and a Day” came to be the meaningful musical backdrop of a very long-distance engagement. We nearly used them as our first dance when we were married but it almost seemed too personal. We certainly did dance to both songs that day.

We both live in bush Alaska now and if you ever consider a trip up here, let us know.  I would love to recommend you to the director of our cultural center here in Bethel, Alaska.

All the best to you, and thank you for your beautiful and meaningful music.

-Paul and Marlena