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The Journal of Roots Music – NO DEPRESSION (review)

“The music they make is a tribute to the very idea that indeed America is a melting pot and the sounds that were birthed from the heartland find a universal touchstone.”

“Dubbed Roan Mountain Suite after the prominent peak that’s commands many a scenic gaze, the work forges a link with such contemporary classics as Ferde Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite and the Aaron Copeland’s compositions explore the American ethos in sight and song. Pursuing a theme that bows to nature’s magnificence, Jens Kruger composed the music through a series of seven movements, seamlessly merging chamber music and strings with the traditional sounds of banjo and guitar. The result is a sound that’s both simple and suggestive, Within its idyllic setting, the music ebbs and flows, always melodic and clearly tied to the idyllic setting that provided him with his inspiration.”

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