April 2009, I’m in USA for the first time in my life. It’s a present from my wife and friends as a celebration of my retirement.
We are in NC, at friends Tom and Gail WATTS in Troutman, they plan to take us at a French American Jam in Union Grove… at THE “Cookshack”, mythic place I visited a million times on Youtube.

They say that great artists use to visit the Cookshack for this occasion…may be the Kruger Brothers…who knows ?
Beginning of the night, Wayne Henderson is here, the Snyders, Clay Lunsford, Maynard Holbrook and many others celebrities, instruments already sound… when suddenly, in the frame of the door, hiding the light of the sun, here they are ! UWE, YENS and JOE ! Those I dreamt to meet, to see, to listen live, to speak with.

Who am I, as a poor musician, singer, picker, to have a pretention to play or sing side to these giants?
In spite of this complex, I burn to tell them that I use to write French adaptions of American songs and, in this special occasion, of songs by them… I jump into the water and tell UWE and show him my lyrics asking if we can try this great love song which tells a true story concerning Maynard Holbrook returning from war through the A 40… “Appalachian mist” becomes “Envers et Contre Temps”…

The rest of the story has been caught on camera by two friends of mine Loïc Deschamps and François Galland. Here are the two videos caught at the same time through two different angles.

Thanks my friends for this so special moment!

– Yves Savariaud