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Kruger Brothers Offer Optimal Quality Listening Choices with New High Definition Online Audio Store

Imagine sitting in the studio surrounded by the Kruger Brothers playing your favorite song. That’s what high-definition recording sounds like. 

That was the motivation for making high-definition recordings of the Kruger Brothers. Lead singer, guitarist and audiophile Uwe Kruger puts it this way: “I have the highest fidelity when I play with Jens and Joel. I wanted to share that feeling by offering high resolution music files on our own online store.”

Kruger Brothers & Friends – A Way to Stay Closer
There are other benefits to the Kruger Brothers having their own store. They can bring more songs more immediately to listeners and offer different versions of songs. Other digital download stores have processes that slow the availability of music offerings by as much as three months. Now Jens, Uwe and Joel can offer music on a song-by-song basis, released as they are recorded, without a delay. Lucid Dreamer*, Jens’ most recent composition performed by the Kruger Brothers and the Kontras Quartet, will be the very first high-resolution recording offered in the Kruger Brothers High-Def store.

It is a way for listeners to stay closer to the Kruger Brothers’ studio endeavors, and more in touch with the music as it is produced. “Listeners will be right there with us,” Uwe said. The boys are also looking forward to feedback of the music on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Technical Background
“We’ve been recording in high definition for a long time, but we never had an outlet for it,” Uwe said. Today, devices like the iPhone, iPad, laptops and computers can store and play this very rich sound. The magic happens when these devices are paired with good headphones or speakers.  That’s when Uwe decided to offer Kruger Brothers’ studio masters for digital download.

Here’s the more technical explanation: CDs are sampled at 44.1 kHz sampling frequency and a bit depth of 16. That works fine for a lot of listeners, but high-definition files have a much higher density, 96 kHz at a 24-bit depth – the same standard that DVDs have for sound.

Choose what’s best for you
“The difference between high-def quality and CD quality is about as much as CD quality is to MP3,” Uwe said. “I believe there are enough people out there who can actually hear the difference and feel the difference.”

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