In 2009 my wife and were attending the Silver Dollar City Bluegrass Festival. As were passing The River Front Playhouse on our trek out of the grounds, a ticket agent called out to us and said, “there are a few empty seats to the Kruger Brother’s performance. It hasn’t started yet; I can get you in”.

“No thanks,” I replied. I was tired and jaded from hearing traditional bluegrass all day. Also I had never heard of the Kruger Brothers. My wife, however, insisted that we go in. “It’s still early,” she said, “and they might be good”.  So I relented and went in.

Had I not done so, I would have missed the best performances in the festival. I was blown away with their style of music and their marvelous instrumental prowess on the banjo, the guitar, and the bass. I like all types of music and had heard nothing like the Krugers. They were and still are nothing short of brilliant.

The festival, fortunately, was still young; I was able to come back for the next few days and did not miss a single performance by the Kruger Brothers. Since then we have not missed a festival and have had the fortune of hearing them numerous times. I have been amazed at the development and evolution of their music. Although the still satisfy a bluegrass hungry audience, one can be satisfied with much more, an outreach into several genre of music, including original classical performances. I have no doubt that we have seen on a glimpse of what this magnificent group is capable of producing.

– Charles Henderson