2010, Our first year at Merlefest, found our family wandering about the festival grounds as we began our first step into the world of bluegrass music. As my dad and I were at the sales tent one afternoon, we happened to overhear what can only be described as a flood of notes coming from the Creekside stage. This immediately got our attention, and we began speculating if Béla Fleck was making a surprise appearance. We walked over, hoping to hear more, but arrived in time to hear the last chords of the set followed by screams and applause. (It was the theme from Pacific Morning.)

The capacity crowd was in a frenzy, when we heard, the emcee announce “Ladies and gentlemen, the Krüger Brothers!” We made sure to remember that name, but were surprised to see only three musicians on the stage. How could three stringed instruments make all that sound?

Fast-forward one year, I finally experienced a full set at the Creekside stage in 2011. We become permanent fans.

That afternoon, as I was once again in the sales tent, I was quite mesmerized to find Jens trying out some of the banjos and shot this video.

-Brendan Macie
Cary, NC

Fan Cam video of Jens in the Merlefest sales tent. 2011