A few years ago on a cool July evening Jane and I were at a local music festival in Sugar Grove. Bluegrass was relatively new to us and we had never heard of any of the performers. We really had come to see Doc Watson but sadly he has passed a month earlier. He was someone I had listened to back in the pre-Beatles folk music era.

The last act came on and I kept thinking, who ARE these guys? I knew it was not just bluegrass, it was something really new to my ears and the blend was so smooth. We were hearing music that completely blew us away. We were totally entranced by the musicianship of all three.

After the show we went to the merch tent to get the first of our collection of Kruger Brothers CD’s. What friendly folks!  I commented to Uwe that I had just picked up my guitar after 30 years in the closet and I would love to learn to double pick. He replied, “no problem, here is my phone number, I can give you some things to work on that will keep you busy for six months”.  I’m still very busy!  That was the start of what has become a wonderful friendship.

Uwe is a walking encyclopedia of music.  My lessons with Uwe have evolved into something more that just learning techniques and songs.  They have become a masters course in the deepest understanding of music and just plain fun.

Something wonderful has also happened, besides learning to “play” my guitar. We have become friends with not just all three brothers and their immediate families, we have met a wonderful extended family of friends who share a love of the Kruger Brothers and their music.

A Kruger Brothers show is a musical family reunion where you see old friends and meet new friends. How cool is that?

With thanks to Margarete and Deena.

-Bill and Jane Wier