2015 Music Academy Tickets On-Sale


We have some exciting news! We are going to expand our annual spring Music Academy to include all four members of the Kontras Quartet, the string quartet who commissioned our newest composition, Lucid Dreamer, and the quartet with whom we have played Appalachian Concerto at many venues. And we’re going to change the location (See below). The event dates are the evening of Thursday, April 30, through midday Sunday, May 3.

While we enjoy performing at venues across the country and in Europe (and more recently Australia) the Academy is the highlight of our musical year, and we are really looking forward to our 2015 Academy because expanding the event and changing the location will allow us to:

  • Offer individual instrument classes in guitar, banjo, bass (upright and bass guitar), violin, viola, and cello.
  • Offer for the first time a lecture about singing.
  • Add an additional day to include four days and three nights.
  • Move the event to the Wilkesboro Holiday Inn Express

You might say we’ve outgrown the studio. Holding the event at a nearby, newly renovated hotel.  This allows participants the opportunity for longer jam sessions and interaction among participants, with The Kruger Brothers and with the Kontras. Short and simple; it just gives everyone more time.

Attending our 2015 Music Academy offers:

  • An opportunity for classical and folk musicians to meet in Wilkesboro, the heart of American folk music, and to participate in the merging of the musical world of both genres
  • A unique, first-of-its-kind, musical workshop
  • A discovery of the unity of the musical world through illuminating workshops, group discussions, jam sessions, targeted lectures and concerts
  • An understanding of and appreciation for music on a deeper level
  • A shared insight into the inner workings of the “emotional language” of music
  • An opportunity for participants to perform at the Academy “Night of the Stars” on Saturday evening
  • Three uplifting days filled with music and great food
  • The opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones
  • And we emphasize that, as always, the Academy is for participants at all musical levels, from beginners to advanced.


  • Total package – includes three nights at the Holiday Inn Express – $985
  • Full Academy attendance (no hotel) – $785
  • Spouse and Observers – access to jam sessions, concerts, and meals but not classes – $485

NOTE: Space is limited. Full attendees and partners may book on-line immediately. Observers may book after January 15th.


  • A highly skilled and professional string quartet based in Chicago
  • Experienced performers and scholars
  • Performed with and held residencies with several orchestras nationwide
  • Performed and recorded with The Kruger Brothers including The Late Night Show with David Letterman
  • Performed with The Kruger Brothers at the world premiere of Lucid Dreamer*
  • Represent the music and cultural influences of four different countries

And just as important, all four members of the quartet are fun, intelligent, and personable. People you’ll be glad to know!

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