Uwe Kruger


Uwe Kruger, lead vocalist and guitarist, has been playing music since early childhood. When they were very young, Uwe and younger brother Jens would place a guitar on the floor between them and play it together, one brother taking the upper three strings and the other the lower three. Uwe was introduced to American folk music through the brothers’ father, who would bring folk music records when he returned to Switzerland from business trips to the United States.

For more than twenty-five years, Uwe has been playing guitar and singing as a professional musician. Over the course of his career, Uwe has developed range and versatility – instrumentally and stylistically. Today, Uwe astonishes audiences with his blend of guitar-picking styles. His rich, resonant, and mellow baritone voice has an uplifting effect on all who hear him sing. Uwe has been influenced by a diversity of musicians, ranging from Doc Watson, Jerry Garcia, and Eric Clapton, to Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms. Watching and listening to Uwe’s unique style, a blend of flat-picking and finger picking, is a fascinating experience. Uwe loves playing “in the moment,” and his guitar improvisation during live performances has listeners sitting at the edge of their seats in excitement and anticipation.

“ … when I see people walk out of the theatre with a smile on their faces, you know, the sense of community that we have within the band, if that radiates to the audience, and they keep that feeling as they leave the theatre, that’s when I think, ‘well, we’ve done our job today.’ That is what we want. No one will ever come to me and say, ‘Uwe, I loved that solo you did in the third song!’ But they will come to me and say, ‘This was a wonderful evening.’ And then I’m happy. That’s what I want to hear.”
—Uwe Kruger